The DNO Surf Team

Diegueno Middle School is perfectly situated just inland from some of the best surfing spots in Southern California. The bold riders of the Diegueno Surf Team are part of a long tradition of success. Not only within the surfing guild but also as future rising stars of their communities. The talented young girls and boys of the Diegueno Surf Team develop strong relationships connecting with the ocean, each other, and the community of Encinitas.

The members of the Diegueno Surf Team learn intuitively about the patience of waiting for the perfect wave, tuning one’s inner self to nature’s timeless rhythm. Surfing is poetry, it’s bonding with nature, experiencing the vast diversity of the ocean within the moment. It can cut through gender, race, and disabilities because it is such a shared stoke amongst the riders.

The young girls and boys of the Diegueno Surf Team have an appetite for adventure and share a common passion – love and appreciation of our ocean, waves and beaches. The DNO Surf Team strives to be ocean-minded and environmentally conscious. Through organized beach cleanups, as well as community-building activities, they work hard to lead by example. With sponsorships from local businesses the team steps up to the enormous task of representing Encinitas youth, and all of the Diegueno Middle School staff, parents and team management encourage the riders to respect teammates, schoolmates, the environment, and the community.

One of the most appealing aspects of surfing is, at heart, that it’s a meditative sport reflecting the spirit of the California Coastline. The ocean, like California’s beaches, belongs to everyone. While every break, every location, offers unique characteristics, the stoke of being out in the water manifests in shared grins and hoots regardless of where you’re at. Surfing’s appeal resonates with people from all different backgrounds, irrespective of gender, skin color, economic station, age or athletic capability.

Diegueno Middle School is gifted with awesome teams and athletes, representing a vast diversity of sports and sportsmanship. But, it’s the sport of surfing that weaves through California’s past, present and future that symbolizes the community of Encinitas in a particular way no other sport does. The Diegueno Surf Team is proud to be a part of a great tradition of excellence within the Encinitas community.

The DNO Surf Team is a Non-Profit Organization and community support surf team, representing Diegueno Middle School in Encinitas, California. The DNO Surf Team Board Members are volunteers who strive to create a club environment for young surfers, surfers who are driven to be a part of something important that focuses on a healthy lifestyle, and a clean environment. The Board Members are active in their community, and the surf industry, and are ocean minded!