North County After School Surf Groups and Surf ISPE!

Coach Danny Glassen’s after school surf groups and Surf ISPE are available!

ISPE Registration Dates: Open Enrollment Application Opens February 12 and closes March 15!

Surf ISPE and regular after school surf groups are available for Middle School and High School students including incoming 6th graders! Incoming 6th graders must already have a rank in the SSS or WSA. Independent Study Physical Ed. (Surf ISPE) applications open for enrollment beginning of every year for all students, check with us for specific dates. Sign ups for regular after school surf groups are done upon inquiry.

For Competitive AND Non-competitive surfers! Being apart of Coach Danny’s after school surf groups will grant you professional level coaching to capitalize on your performance surfing foundation. Coaching for any style of performance surfing including Shortboarding, Longboarding and even Bodyboarding.

For more details about our after school surf groups, Surf ISPE, or joining the DNO surf team, contact Coach Danny Glassen or DNO Surf Team management.

Thank you for your consideration. See you all out in the water!

Danny Glassen
(609) 661 0164