Ryon Ansaldo

Name one person you look up to growing up and why.

My parents; for taking me to the beach, teaching me how to make surfboards and always being there for me.

What super power would you choose and why?

Time Travel – I would go back in time to surf the best breaks/swells on big blue…uncrowded.

Where did you grow up? And what’s your best memory of growing up there?

Leucadia. Shaping and glassing surf boards with my dad and friends in the back yard, then riding our boards…breaking them cause they weren’t that great…and then making more.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Getting caught in the middle of a bridge on the way to surf Lowers (Trestles) with the Coaster speeding down on us, and deciding to lay on the tracks…so the train could drive over us…we had no where else to go…it worked out. Note to self…always walk the beach to Lowers, bridge is not a great short cut.

Favorite part about being on the DNO Surf Team.

I was on the DNO team late 80’s and had a great experience, so having the opportunity to give back to the program and help create a positive experience for the next generation of surf groms just feels right. It’s so great seeing all of the groms out in the water having fun, supporting each other and learning new tricks!

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